Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Dillard’s total eclipse was that she had been set in her ways and felt that a need for her to change was not necessary. Dillard lost a loved one and her future wasn’t important until she had awakened into a world of newness. Yes, she was standing in a film being fast-forward and she could not recognize anything. As I continue to ready Dillard’s story, “Total Eclipse” I begin to think that her message was an announcement informing all that a movement has taken place and it was time for all to join the bandwagon.

“He was a walking alarm clock” (168). Being confronted that it was time for a change almost all understand that it can become very difficult to digest such shocking realization. Questioning yourself if it is time or are you being forced, pressured to wake up? Think of a moment of realization that hit you smack in the face, what were you able to do? Daily life experiences can become that alarm clock. Thinking back during a time where I felt it was a need for me to either remain with a company where growth was promoted or thinking it was time for me to start seeking new employment where the opportunity to grow within a company was encouraged.

Began to exam into some of her interesting quotes. “Usually it is a bit of a trick to keep your knowledge from blinding you” (164). Seems if Dillard is trying to express that sometimes when you have the full knowledge of a particular items it becomes difficult to step out of your familiar space to attain any additional information because you know it all. Therefore; you are preventing the progress to grow, preventing the progress to listen to others opinion to see if there is any additional information that will influence you to open your eyes, open your mind for room to gain a new perspective. I completely understand that quote mainly because we have all been there were we feel that we are a master of a certain subject and not anyone can provide additional information to persuade you for all the knowledge you gathered about that subject

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