Monday, July 20, 2009

Sense...All Five Assign:2.4

Comic strips have the ignitability to start great discussions from a variety of topics which can reach people of all age groups. Lynda Berry’s Today’s Demon: Common Scents brings an aroma of difference while other issues surface into the atmosphere slowly bringing sensitive topics that creates different emotions. Berry’s comic is an attempt to prove that people must examine themselves, remove their mask and accept people as they are. Using colorful humorous illustration to probe into people’s mind and then reflect back on themselves puts the mirror into their hand. As the aroma of difference sparks there is a clear understanding that Berry’s purpose was to awake those senses. Reading Today’s Demon: Common Scents trigger all five of my senses and that could’ve been Berry’s method, to alert her audience, to intensify the conversation. Take a look at yourself using the sight sense, as in the comic Berry as a little girl noticed the difference in each home. Next the touch sense; feeling the emotions that comes with being different, as in the comic Little Berry was able to touch the neighbor’s cat building a relationship. Then there is the hear sense; listening to those selective words that brings an emotional reaction, also in the comic how one of the parents made malicious comments about others being different. Finally, the smell sense; noticing the variety of different scents and if it can be camouflage is the common thing must people do. All five senses were activated as I saw the clear purpose of Berry’s message which is that everyone is different; God made them all

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  1. WOW! Great analogy to the senses Arkesia! You have alot to work with! Happy writing!