Thursday, July 2, 2009

Assign 1.4 Could it Be?

Wake up, listen and learn! Was Dillard taking the beginning steps towards her acceptance that life continues on after a life changing experience? Take note that Dillard had been grieving for her beloved Gary and decided to remain in that moment as if he was still currently present. Having no interest in advancement, Dillard was content with her place in life. Do understand the passing of a love one is very difficult to accept then admitting that there is a need to continue to move on without them can be unbearable. The story “Total Eclipse” was her way of acknowledging that this new 80’s era was not a fade it was here to stay. Tune into the awaking moment as she takes notice with such surprise claiming (the student), “He was a walking alarm clock” (168), at that instant she was willing and ready to walk out of her comfort zone and welcome the newness. It took one person to bring Dillard back to life as if she received a breath of fresh air blown across her face to give her a jump start, as if a line of hope was at her reach, with a new purpose to enjoy life every moment. Dillard had been introduced into a new world of the living. She stressed that, “It was good to be back among clever people” (168). These cleaver people might have been advanced in technology, they gathered together with the same interest and much interest in telescopes, cameras, and computers. Her moment in time was to make an announcement to the people who have been set into their ways of life; as Dillard had been. They too were also reluctant to adapt to the newness of life, but their time for change had arrived as well. These are people who consider themselves as frequent readers who have no interest in technology; as well as, educators who are known for reading and writing articles in magazines and newspapers. Had Dillard gathered the support of her followers to join her in this new discovery in life, advance technology?

Five Quotes Assignment 1.4/Part II

Dillard’s concern was to show that you’re never too old to learn new things. There must be some type of interests that would lead you to a plate of food for nutrition. “The mind’s sidekick, however, will settle for two eggs over easy” (169). Dillard expressed that your conscience will lead you in the right direction by following your first mind and do not second guess yourself. Maintain gaining knowledge often and having the will to improve is considered as feeding your mind. Knowledge is key.

As Dillard’s memories flashed crossed her face she realized that she must gather herself and acceptance was required of the change. She stated that, “I was watching a faded color print of a movie filmed in the Middle Ages; I was standing in it, by some mistake” (165). Have Dillard been lost and in a state of confusion that once she got a glimpse of herself in the flashback she noticed it was bizarre and that she must progress.

Dillard had a reality moment that caused her to become discombobulated. “Gary was lightyears away, gesturing inside a circle of darkness, down the wrong end of a telescope” (165). This sentence reflects that Gary has completely walked away from Dillard and slowly moving away from her as she watches him fade into the darkness but at the same time encouraging her to live life and enjoy the new era. This was a sign from Gary giving Dillard the approval to accept the change, to feed her mind with eggs over easy.

Dillard enjoyed her memories and they came with a smile. But it was time. Time to release her strong hold to elevate and understand the separation was for the moment. “At first it was pleasant; now there was no stopping it. Gary was chuting away across space, moving and talking and catching my eye, chuting down the long corridor of separation” (165). This is one of Dillard quotes that were self explanatory. It was time for Dillard to face reality and as she was faced with such a shock that she must accept it that there wasn’t anything that she can do. The moment of separation was a break from her old self and a new leaf must be turned.

Anticipating for this change, knowing it is going to come is an awaking moment. “Seeing it, and knowing it was coming straight for you, was like feeling a slug of anesthetic shoot up your arm” (170). The result was that there isn’t anything you can do to stop it. As it approaches accept it and adapt to it.

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