Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"Speaking in Tounges" by Zadie Smith is a familiar story to many. Finding yourself and accepting who you are instead of selecting what others want. Take a look at some of her quotes.

".....this is not the voice of my childhood."
The writer has changed, be away for awhile and adapted to her new environment. Seems as if her accent had changed and she must have experiment with dealing with both accents, her native and her adopted accent.

"I felt a sort of wonder at the flexibility of the thing. Like being alive twice". Developing two lifestyles was her creative method of dealing with her new self.

"How persistent this horror of the middling spot is, this dread of the interim place! It extends through the specter of the tragic mulatto, to the plight of the transsexual, to our present anxiety—disguised as genteel concern—for the contemporary immigrant, tragically split, we are sure, between worlds, ideas, cultures, voices—whatever will become of them? Something's got to give—one voice must be sacrificed for the other. What is double must be made singular".
Their normalcy has been confronted and they discover that it is uneasy for others to accept, it is uneasy for them to express, to explain their position due to others normalcy...that their is only one, singular way in this world. No such thing of two mixtures...that is unaccepted. Different is different and their is no acceptance into the realm.

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