Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Assignment1.3: Audience, Purpose, Context

Wake up, listen and learn! Announcing to the people that have been set into their ways of life and are reluctant to adapt to the newness of life the time for change has arrived. These unenthusiastic people has felt that due to their stage in life and their life experiences that it isn’t necessary to gain a new appreciation of any kind and the same is expressed towards new technology. The new era has caused hesitation among these educators who are frequent readers, the highly educated that have interests in reading and writing articles in magazines as well as newspapers, and of course the creative writers who create clever ways of showing and expressing their emotions. This audience seems if they have expressed that this newness will soon fade out.
Have Dillard taken an interest into technology as she mention of telescopes and cameras? Was that the moment that she realizes that it was great to be around clever people that took interest into the beginning era of new technologies like computers? As she describes herself as being dead and gone and grieving,”(pg168) was that a moment of great importance of being unwilling to accept the change at first, then moving forward in life and accepting it finally? The mind is a trouble thing to waste; therefore, on a daily bases people have the opportunity to learn new things, take classes to gain knowledge. Feed the mind and it’s satisfied. The blueprint has been set and technology is going to become better and more advance.
During the 80’s the world has changed. The page had turned and there were new fresh blank pages were new history can be written. Lifestyles were different and many were proud of who they are and were very vocal about this newness. The music included messages form sex to drugs to world peace. Communication was different to many, but the young students enjoyed this creative way of expression.

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