Thursday, June 25, 2009

Total Eclipse

It wasn't anything how I imagine it at first. The place was huge and I heard several muffled languages coming from loud speakers all around. It was my arrival in Europe. Everything was WRONG, MESSED UP! Starting from my luggage, which was still in Miami, to searching for my driver. Upon finding my diver I had to wait for about 30 other people, and without my luggage. Traveling for 16 hours a shower is required and a must as soon as possible.

The arrival to the resident I'll be residing at for six weeks seems anything like the brochure, but I was in Europe which was the great part and without clothes was the worst part. Oh, I must mention that the airport gladly provided me with a white t-shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush. No clothes for three days drove me insane. I had to pay €60 pounds to catch a cab and another €20 pounds to purchase clothes; which the airport reimburse me.

I recall looking forward to this trip and it was exciting as it came and passed. I gathered all of what I gained and piled it up into a imaginary container and placed it in the corner of my brain so my flashbacks can bring a smile to my face as I watch the stream of all the wonderful memories of the great times and the bad times.

Was this my total eclipse, where the sun is covered which brings a sudden shock even though knowing in advance of what happens and why. Experiencing what many don't have the advantage to experience does allow you/me to put many thoughts into perspective. Which could be considered as a life changing moment. Therefore; yes, this memory was my "total eclipse."

After all attending summer school in East Sussex, outside of London, was very interesting as I imagined it would be.

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  1. Traveling can be hectic at times but those experiences can built on who you are as a person. Very nicely written.