Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reflective C

Reflective C
Deciding to take a refresher course was not unusual, but discovering my written skill were very poor was heartbreaking because that means the more hard work must go into my assignments. The four essays that were selected for us to read weren’t too bad once we have completely read them all. As I read those essays I gained a new appreciation for writers. Even thought I like Proust method of writing, because he believed that a structure wasn’t needed, just express yourself to get your point across. Lynda Barry text was interesting mainly because her creative way of getting an important message across to spark a conversation. Zadie Smith was more up to date with its quotes utilizing President Obama to display the similarities. These four essays were selected on purpose. I think they were selected because what you read is not always the full story. It was necessary to “read between the line” to understand the writers message.
The reason for Jonah Lehrer essay was to bring Proust different style of writing without structure. Proust message went from one point to another; his writing style was to keep his reader guessing his point. Lehrer helped point out the difference with Proust and his madness with the theory of memory.
Lynda Barry colorful comic was different and the title gave the hint that her message would be hidden and was to deliver a powerful message. The triggering of smells was the underlying message to a world issue of racism and prejudices which reached a large age group.
Zadie Smith was the poet, the artist who related to both sides of her family. Having the gifted of being multi tongued allowed Smith to communicate with a large span of people.
Annie Dillard was the most difficult to understand, but after reading her easy for the fifth time I was able to relate to her total eclipse as she include her surrounds as a personal lesson in life.
Reading these essays and learning the method of writing is what is needed to bring my writing skills to the upper level of education. Being introduced to the steps of writing is similar to being reintroduced to an old relative

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